The Big Question

Claude Monet's GardensSeeing as I’ll be writing a lot about my engagement party and wedding plans, I thought I’d recount one of the happiest days of my life.

After just 8 years, Danny proposed (woo hoo!). He notched up the romance brownie points by getting down on one knee at Claude Monet’s Gardens in France, a highlight of our Euro holiday – just made all the more special.

The expansive, blooming gardens have to be the most beautiful I have ever seen. The biggest buzz was of course, seeing the oh-so famous water lily garden, embraced by the one and only Japanese bridge. And this is where he proposed, in the middle of the bridge!

Thankfully, the swarm of summer tourists did not spoil this life-defining moment (besides, they went all blurry through my happy tears as I said yes!) and a champ of a tourist kindly took a photo of us.

(Is it just me, or is there this weird, invisible code of trust between tourists when it comes to cameras? Safe as f&@#!).

Old Claude was clearly loaded. Magnificent old house – his kitchen bigger than my lounge room. In each room sits a photograph of the same room, with Monet in frame. It made me smile to see that the rooms all look the same to this day, from the furniture to the decorations, right down to the paintings on the walls.

And then we found the most gorgeous field of red poppies, where we sat and ate our picnic baguettes as a newly engaged couple… Ta da!


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