Viva España!

I tip my hat to Spain for winning the world cup this morning.

I can just picture the merry jubilation taking place –  music, singing, clapping and dancing in the streets, a proud, national celebration that does not relent until the wee hours of the morning. The Spanish sure know how to party.

It was around this time last year that the Mister and I were in Spain. We spent 2 weeks exploring Catalunya down to Andalucia and back through Castilla-La Muncha and Aragon. We loved the big cities, namely Barcelona and Granada, but it was the smaller towns that took our breath away, in particular Toledo and Ronda.

Lasting impressions include Gaudi’s stamp on Barcelona; free tapas in Granada (a bit of bar-hopping is recommended!), the breathtaking palace that is the Alambrah and the Generalife gardens; flamenco dancing; free-spirited scooter adventures around Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar; the 120m tall Puento Nuevo bridge in Ronda; driving through lush, green rice fields and eating fresh paella afterwards; treating my taste buds to the BEST orange juice (in Valencia of course!); the music. Oh, the music.

Images of Spain

Memories of Spain. Left-right. White-washed buildings of Ronda. Cerveza & Piña Colada served Barcelona style. Lookout over Toledo. The original, medieval entrance to Toledo town centre. Moresque tiles of the grand Alambrah, Granada. Beautiful sea-side plant perched upon clifftop, Tossa de Mar.


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