Chasing Dreams and Rainbows

Chase your dreams

I was waiting to cross a busy intersection yesterday when I saw this thoughtful note left behind on the traffic light pole.

I’m intrigued by the random act of kindness – who are you and what inspired you to do this? I wonder too how many people walk away smiling, with their dreams floating about in their mind and the assertion that they can achieve them no matter what.

Who would have thought that one second in all the hours of the day can leave such a profound impression?

Grab happiness in the passing moments of life

And then, when driving home from work, the sun started to peek through the padding of clouds, illuminating light sprinkles of rain and then before my eyes I saw the most brilliant rainbow.

It’s ironic that the one day I don’t take my camera with me, I see the most kickarse rainbow! Oh well, I had my mobile phone with me to capture both of these moments in time and that is the main thing, because as life marches on we forget the little things…

Perth rainbow


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