polaroids with poladroid

I stocked up on a few cartridges of polaroid film last year and even though I know it’s gonna become dud real soon (if it’s not already), for some crazy reason I can’t bring myself to finish it all off. Note to self: JUST DO IT!

Anyhoo, in the meantime I’ve been having some fun with the Poladroid Image Maker app. It’s quite novel how true to form they’ve made it, with sound effects, image fade-in, vintage colouring and session expiration after 10 shots! (just like a cartridge).

Here are some photos that I’ve converted to be Polariod-like using Poladroid. These pictures were taken at an abandoned marine park called Atlantis, located near the sea in Perth, Western Australia. In hindsight, I wish I’d taken my 636, but a lot of the time I just plain old forget about it…

King Neptune statue

Old bridge

Pine tree

Old water tank

Wheel and tin

Wall flower

Old viewing tunnel

These fun polaroids are a great idea for parties and would be well suited for a vintage wedding that has a photo booth! We considered using the app within our engagement party photo booth but as we were printing on the spot, the processing time was a little slow. They’d look cool in a photo album though!


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