finding art in life

Stephen Shore's Uncommon Places I hadn’t read Stephen Shore’s book, Uncommon Places, until now. I actually came across it when browsing the photography shelf at the library and I was intrigued by the imagery that lay within.

I love the simplicity of the photographs. Armed with a view camera and an artful eye, Stephen thoughtfully composed ordinary objects and places to create impactful scenes that leave you with a lingering curiosity.

I also like the documentary aspect. A half eaten McDonalds meal sitting on a graffitied bench, an open fridge full of food, a self-portrait in bed, belongings dangling by the wayside. It’s simply life, as art.


Not only did this talented man sell his first photograph at age 14 to Edward Steichen (the then photography curator at the Museum for Modern Art), he met Andy Warhol when he was 17 and worked as a photographer at his Factory. High five!

Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore, Self Portrait, New York, 1973

Find the beauty in life around you and creatively document it.

Another photographer who reveals the beauty in the mundane is Sarah McLean. Makes you want to go out and do some street snapping!

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