favourite five for july

It’s just gone a month since I started my ‘photo a day’ project. (Wow, it feels like so much longer?!)

I feel that it’s been a great learning curve so far and I can’t imagine how I’ll be feeling after 1 year! What’s really fascinating is the way I’m looking at the world now. I see it so much differently, beauty is framed as a photograph in my mind – even the most ordinary things I often took for granted. Light, colour, pattern, movement, wildlife, they’re all around you if you look hard enough.

Anyway, I thought I’d list my top 5 favourite photos for July and kind of critique them too. I know they’re far from perfect but this is how I learn! For some reason they look kinda fuzzy here but clicking on them brings up the full size :0)

Family outing in Hyde Park

The lamp? reflection is chopped off a little but I love the moment I've captured

Leaves at dusk

I wish I had a better lens to focus on the lit leaves correctly. I really like the array of branches and the highlight of the leaves by streetlamp though

Sweet chicken

I really like the soft morning light cast on my chicken here, the fence covering her face is trivial though I wish it was a softer blur

Magical tree

I did a bit of post processing on this to achieve the look I was after - light and airy, kinda magical. I admire photographers that use this style in their work.

City lights

I love all the colours. I wish the lights could stretch on and on...

Can’t believe it’s August already!

But once this month is down, I can finally welcome in SPRING. Hooray!


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