wedding, wedding, wedding!

I’ve been a bit absent of late and this is because I’ve been preoccupied with another website – our wedding website.

I am feeling a great sense of relief now though, as it’s all complete and the wedding invitations have found their merry way to the hands of our guests. It’s lovely when you get a phone call or a message to say they’ve arrived and that others think they are beautiful 🙂 A snapshot is below.

Wedding invitation

Wedding website

There’s soooo many wedding website options out there, it gets a bit eckkk, confusing.

I signed up to a few of the free wedding websites available and after sifting through a number of them, I eventually tried out ewedding and onewed. I abandoned the ewedding site quite quickly as I found the design to be too bland and really lacking vibrance and modern fonts. Onewed was much better in terms of website design options, and what I found to be quite cool was the collaboration with invitiation designers. So if you purchased an invite from say Wedding Paper Divas, you could create a website that matched it visually. Cool.

I created a few pages, but before too long, I became frustrated in not being able to have full control over the content management system. If you’re not as anal as me, then you’d probably quite enjoy onewed as it’s a great site for overall wedding planning too with a swag of useful tools, including an online rsvp system.

In the pursuit of my perfect wedding website, I decided to take the idea of matching our invitations and website and use WordPress as the platform. I’m fairly comfortable with html and graphic design and it’s something that I actually really enjoy so this task was more pleasure than pain – albeit very time consuming though! I also liked the idea of using a blog so that people could leave comments to ask questions, or just say hi 🙂

The final result was a custom domain name and our own unique website for just $20. It took a bit of time to find a blog theme that could look more like a static website though, as the emphasis was going to be on pages rather than posts. In the end, I decided on the ‘Coraline’ theme and created one post to feature as the ‘homepage’ if you will. Just an image and some left and right text widgets, very simple. The pages (which are in the top navigation) do the rest of the talking.

Happy days!


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