the small picture

Beauty can be found in the small things. Things that we take for granted, or more often, things that we simply don’t stop to notice. With my life being a rat race of late and the final weeks of the year quickly slipping through my fingers, I took some time to reflect back on my catalogue of photos from 2010.

In doing so, it made me remember that there was a time when I enjoyed life at a slower pace. Where I admired the world around me in slow, sweeping steps and I took the time to photograph the little things.

Here are some photographs that I took at some stage this year and have since edited.

I’ve always believed that simple is truly beautiful. But now it rings true more than ever…

yellow daisy

Brown bug

Patterns on the sidewalk

Flame tree

White ibis


Creeper wall

Pine cone

Sea shells

Galahs on the wire


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