wedding dresses – the shortlist

I have hunted high and low through this sleepy city for my dream dress, and I have to say that it feels like I have been to every bridal store in Perth (gotta be close to it 😛 )

Out of all of them, I liked Tuscany Bridal’s large and diverse range. They stock the largest range of Pronovias dresses in Perth which was right up my alley as the slim yet figure-hugging Spanish designs are quite to my liking.

I also enjoyed Bride Selection (sister store to Dion for Brides, who in my experience had more A-line and princess dresses). As you can see, I’m after a slim dress (don’t want melt under the Thailand sun and pretty sure Mister wouldn’t be too pleased exchanging vows with a puddle of sweat). Bride Selection have quite a few beach-style dresses by Maggie Sottero (love her designs to bits). Samantha Wynne really impressed me with their service – they fit only one bride at a time (and gorgeous gowns to boot!)  – can make scheduling a booking a little tricky in peak times though.

Legends in Joondalup and the Gown Gallery in Midland deserve special mention for their extensive range and affordable prices, however I didn’t find anything to my taste.

Poor form awards go to Zanzis (rejecting customers based on base-line budget: how about at least trying to make me fall in love with a piece first), Brides by Design (leaving me to attend to another customer mid-way through my fitting does not entice me to actually buy a gown from you) and Hob Nob (if a sales lady is free and clearly doing nothing at the front counter, then she should help a returning customer quickly try on a gown again, rather than turn her away)… /rant!

So here is the shortlist:

wedding dress shortlist
1. Pronovias – Francoli (Tuscany Bridal);
2. Maggie Sottero – Geneva (Bride Selection);
3. Elizabeth de Varga – Alana (Spurling);
4. San Patrick – Eboli (Mon Belle);
5. Pronovias – Reims (Samantha Wynne)


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