model photo shoot

I enrolled into a little photography course to help get my inspiration bubbling away again.

I think it did the trick 🙂

Last night we got to photograph some models against a stunning Fremantle sunset. It was a great experience (albeit a little rushed).

Photo shoot Fremantle

Photo shoot Fremantle

Photo shoot Fremantle

Even with all the equipment, I'm still a sucker for a nice sunset silhouette

So what was the most important out take from the course? Well, I suppose I have a few to mention:

1. The camera only sees grey. Use a grey card to determine correct exposure.

2. The background is your first consideration. Get this right and use intervention (lighting, mirrors, umbrellas, fill-flash) to correctly capture your subject and get the perfect photographic harmony.

3. Always shoot in RAW (well, if the photo is important to you that is).

4. Never shoot a horizon through the upper half of a subject (model).

5. Photography is like cooking toast. If you usually cook your toast in 2 mins at 200 degrees, but you wish to have it ready in 1 minute instead, then you need to cook it at 4oo degrees.

Most of all, I left inspired thinking about image creation and how powerful/easy/accessible/creative it is in this day and age. You really can create that image that you have in your head if you devote the time to the camera and most importantly, the creative tools.


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