counting down the days

It’s been very quiet around here lately. I’m still alive just busy busy!

And I truly can’t believe how fast this year has gone! Only six weeks left until we set sail for wedded bliss!

I’m busy tying up a few loose ends, such as buying shoes for the groom and his men, a flower for my hair and the easiest part – logging on to our wedding planner’s website to pick all the flowers, entertainment and confirm seating arrangements!

All the fun stuff 🙂

Oh, and I thought I’d share a fabulous web tool for saving all those inspiring photos that you see floating about the Internet. It’s called Pinterest. You can ‘pin’ any photo on the web and catalogue it to create something like this…


This is my Wedding Inspiration board so far. What I like about it is a) it’s fast and b) there’s lots of people using it already which means you can ‘repin’ other people’s interesting photos too and c) it allows users to comment on photos and interact. I was using Image Spark but I prefer Pinterest as it’s faster and more user friendly. Enjoy!


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