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happy new year!

So I’m back at work today after 2 weeks holiday. (So excited… huh, no.)

I really managed to disconnect myself from the world of web in my time off,  so this morning I opened up my blog and my blog subscriptions  – with design*sponge being the top cab off the rank. I was in the mood for a burst of colour, art and funky design to get my creativity bubbling away as I eased into the “dreaded” first day back at work.

And I found this, which I totally love…

fiona douglas of bluebellgray
I love the eclectic memoir collection, the letterpress blocks (beautifully painted!) and the watercolour florals. Such a lovely shade of paint too. Beauty…


adding a special touch to christmas gifts

diy christmas wrap ideas

Aren’t these just adorable?

I love a beautifully wrapped gift. I think it makes the whole idea of gift giving all the more special and intriguing. Check out the post on design*sponge that has a tonne of ideas to give your pressies that special touch! I know what I’ll be doing on Christmas eve!

frame it

With our walls in the house all beautiful and painted, I really would like to start to make our house more homely with some wall art.

I guess I’ve procrastinated on the matter simply because I want to get the arrangement right and there’s so many things you could do!

I quite like the ecletic (yet strategically organised) mish mash look. I’m thinking that the hallway could feature some of our travel photography and personal and purchased paintings and it would be nice to have some old family photographs in the lounge room. A few months ago I scanned a whole heap of old photos from mum’s album. There’s one of her and dad that I adore, it was taken around 1986.

Anyway, here are some ideas to ponder…

Picture frames

Picture frames

Picture frames

seeing double

We’re in the process of renovating our house. We’re doing it bit by bit. No rush, all in good time. I like to have a nosy on every now and then to get decorating ideas and one day, I stumbled upon a house that took my breath away!

It’s a beautiful character cottage in Maylands and what was amazing was how similar it is in layout to our house. It is circa 1910. Ours is circa 1930 (in a suburb that is much more than a stone’s throw away!)

House entrance hall
Our entrance hall is exactly like this – the leadlight around the door, skirtings, wooden floors (although our floors need sanding back and polishing). There is a bedroom that runs off the hall to the left too. We’ve painted it, but yet to re-install the window (in the 70s they decided to close it in!) and sand back the floors. I always wanted a chandelier in the hall like that too. It looks gorgeous. The colours they’ve used to paint the walls and skirting are practically identical to what we have used… very traditional.

House entrance hall

We have another bedroom off the hallway as above… and a similarly beautiful original ceiling rose too.

House entrance hallway

As we move into the living room, we have a slightly wider entrance than that pictured above. Ours looks a little grander as it is arched and contains lines of detail, similar to the skirting detail.

living room

It was really interesting to see the use of the living room space. We’ve been umming and ahhing over what we could do. Ours is slightly less generous in length and instead of the window we have french doors that lead to a small sunroom. This is part of the problem. The other part of the problem is that we have a ridiculous wooden/slate box that sits beneath and alongside the fireplace, taking up precious space. It’s a funny room in itself because even if we configured it as above, you still sit side on to the telly!

living room

We too had a door leading into the next bedroom from the hallway in our place. It was closed up thankfully!


Our house also has an extension to the rear of the house. Except, instead of the kitchen location as above, we have a dining area and the kitchen sits to the back. Where the pantry cupboard is pictured above, we have a small nook that leads to the sun room. It is has shelving and we only use it for storage really, but I could see it working as a pantry!

I was thrilled when I saw these photos. There’s been plenty of houses that have a similar entrance hallway but this one gives us even more ideas. Most of all, the photographs show me how stunning the house will look when it’s all done!

feng shui for the office

Feng ShuiThe ancient Chinese philosophy of feng shui dictates that people can harness the natural forces of nature (or ch’i) to promote prosperity, success, health, and harmony in any environment.

I’m moving into a new office tomorrow and I’m interested in making it all feng shui-like.

Here are some things that I’ll need to remember:

  • Place my desk in ‘command’ position facing the doorway, with a wall behind for support. Centre myself by placing an earth element (like a nature poster) behind me. I’m thinking maybe a nature painting.
  • Position my computer on the west side of the desk to enhance creativity or on the southeast to generate income. I’ll place it on the west side.
  • Place a plant in a red pot on the east side of my desk to encourage good health and energise my workspace, or in the southeast for wealth. Bamboo and money trees are top picks. I’ll place it on the east side, maybe something that flowers too – but definitely not a catcus or sharp plant as they attract fierce ch’i!
  • Strategically place symbols of good fortune — the dragon, phoenix, unicorn and turtle — in my workspace.
  • Place an aquarium in the north to activate business success. Hint: black and blue fish absorb negative energy. Water also promotes good health. I really would  like a siamese fighting fish.
  • Don’t sit with my back to the door, because, symbolically, business enters through it. If I can’t move my desk, attach a mirror on my monitor so I can see people approaching (thus limiting my vulnerability).
  • Place red objects (such as candles) on the south corner of my desk to attract recognition for my efforts. Crystals have the same effect if placed in the south or on window sills.
  • Maintain a clutter free environment.
  • Don’t be careless with files. They represent my past, present, and future business so they should be stored efficiently to encourage future success. I had better get on to this one then…
The ancient Chinese philosophy of feng shui dictates that people can harness the natural forces of nature (or ch’i) to promote prosperity, success, health, and harmony in any environment.

waiting for the postman

It’s always when you’re really eager to receive a parcel that it seems to take forever to reach you.

I’m starting to think the postman decided to hand deliver our wedding invitations from the USA, via boat and then coach, or something as it’s taking the longest time…

In the meantime, I thought I’d admire someone else’s pretty parcels (via Oh, hello friend).

Pretty parcel 1

Pretty parcel 2

Receiving a parcel as pretty as this is almost as good as what’s inside!

I shall wait for mine.

It will be worth the wait, I know 🙂

Blushing Bride

… is what springs to mind when I look at this image. Ever so soft, romantic and feminine. A fairytale.

Fairytale romance wedding via Style Me Pretty
Those ruffled chair slips are simply gorgeous and when teamed oh-so elegantly with the chandelier, floating votives, glassware and pink florals I’m sure the scene made the bride’s heart flutter.

Read more and see more here.

Beach Wedding Arches

Some inspiration…

Beach wedding arch via Style Me Pretty

Beach wedding arch via Style Me Pretty

Beach wedding arch via Faraway Weddings

Beach wedding arch via Wedding Aces

Beach wedding arch via dreamstime

Beach wedding arches via Trip Advisor Review

Beach wedding arch via

Beach wedding arch via Barefoot Weddings


I love them. Especially the white and yellow kind! We used to have a big frangipani tree at our old house and I couldn’t wait til’ summer to see it in full bloom.

I love how they’re so easy to grow too. When we moved house, I snapped off a small branch from the tree and now have it growing nicely in a pot on our verandah.

These gorgeous flowers are everywhere in Thailand and I want to feature them in our engagement party decorations. I found this picture that fits perfectly with the ideas in my mind. The aqua blue set against white and the simple flowers… so pretty.

Colour Palettes

I was looking at colour palette generators today. There are heaps out there.

I like the Big Huge Labs one for the level of colour detail (and the cute colour names).

And I also like the Colour Hunter one, funnily for the simplicity of the colour palette it spits out.

Here are my results from the two…

Big Huge Labs Colour Palette Generator: For when I’m feeling a little indecisive and would like to see a range of colour options.

Colour Hunter: For when I want to cut the crap.