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21 September

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I’m trying to be a morning person these days. It’s yawnfully hard.
But I wholeheartedly appreciated the natural morning light that flooded my kitchen this morning as I made my lunch. Totally worth skipping the extra zzz’s.

Mmm I love sweet strawberries!


Tea Fit For a Queen

I had my first high tea experience on the weekend… and I’ll be back for more!

Drinking tea like the Queen took place at the Duxton Hotel in Perth.

The spread included gourmet sandwiches (the black forest ham with brie and plum chutney is to die for), mouth-watering petite sweets (strawberry custard tartlet was my fav), cupcakes, biscuits and of course, scones with jam and a dollop of cream.

Oh and did I mention the tea? The grandest tea list I’ve laid eyes on, ranging from the ever popular chai, to fruity concoctions with names like Morning Dew and Oolong Formosa Grand, all sourced from different corners of the globe.

We shared our pots of tea, and the hot water refills came as a pleasant surprise (never before have I consumed so much tea in one sitting!)

For 26 bucks it’s a nice girly afternoon out, and makes a refreshing change from the usual lunch or dinner dates – just don’t take the boys, they’ll eat everything.

See the Duxton High Tea menu

I wonder where I can buy Plum Chutney…

Cool Cupcakes

My brother got me the best cupcake book for Christmas! Each turn of the page sees me drooling and I can’t wait to taste them all! (Especially the delightful baby cakes).

However, it’s finding the time to finesse my meagre baking skills. That said, I did manage to turn out a pretty delicious round of pear and walnut cupcakes with maple creamcheese icing (pictured). Reminded me of carrot cake, but with a twist!

I’m really hooked on the idea of having cupcakes and babycakes for our engagement party sweets. Creamy, sugary joy.

P.s. if you would like the recipe, let me know.