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More beautiful beach wedding arches

I’ve decided on my beach wedding arch. It will be a bamboo canopy with soft, floaty chiffon curtains, aqua ribbon and little white flowers. I’m more of a simple girl so decided against the big floral arch, though they are very beautiful.

In my inspiration journey, I came across a swag of beautiful canopys that I thought I’d share. You can get really creative with colour and fabrics!

Ok so this isn't an arch, but it's adorable for a fun, relaxed wedding!


counting down the days

It’s been very quiet around here lately. I’m still alive just busy busy!

And I truly can’t believe how fast this year has gone! Only six weeks left until we set sail for wedded bliss!

I’m busy tying up a few loose ends, such as buying shoes for the groom and his men, a flower for my hair and the easiest part – logging on to our wedding planner’s website to pick all the flowers, entertainment and confirm seating arrangements!

All the fun stuff 🙂

Oh, and I thought I’d share a fabulous web tool for saving all those inspiring photos that you see floating about the Internet. It’s called Pinterest. You can ‘pin’ any photo on the web and catalogue it to create something like this…


This is my Wedding Inspiration board so far. What I like about it is a) it’s fast and b) there’s lots of people using it already which means you can ‘repin’ other people’s interesting photos too and c) it allows users to comment on photos and interact. I was using Image Spark but I prefer Pinterest as it’s faster and more user friendly. Enjoy!

happy new year!

So I’m back at work today after 2 weeks holiday. (So excited… huh, no.)

I really managed to disconnect myself from the world of web in my time off,  so this morning I opened up my blog and my blog subscriptions  – with design*sponge being the top cab off the rank. I was in the mood for a burst of colour, art and funky design to get my creativity bubbling away as I eased into the “dreaded” first day back at work.

And I found this, which I totally love…

fiona douglas of bluebellgray
I love the eclectic memoir collection, the letterpress blocks (beautifully painted!) and the watercolour florals. Such a lovely shade of paint too. Beauty…

adding a special touch to christmas gifts

diy christmas wrap ideas

Aren’t these just adorable?

I love a beautifully wrapped gift. I think it makes the whole idea of gift giving all the more special and intriguing. Check out the post on design*sponge that has a tonne of ideas to give your pressies that special touch! I know what I’ll be doing on Christmas eve!

frame it

With our walls in the house all beautiful and painted, I really would like to start to make our house more homely with some wall art.

I guess I’ve procrastinated on the matter simply because I want to get the arrangement right and there’s so many things you could do!

I quite like the ecletic (yet strategically organised) mish mash look. I’m thinking that the hallway could feature some of our travel photography and personal and purchased paintings and it would be nice to have some old family photographs in the lounge room. A few months ago I scanned a whole heap of old photos from mum’s album. There’s one of her and dad that I adore, it was taken around 1986.

Anyway, here are some ideas to ponder…

Picture frames

Picture frames

Picture frames

pugly pixel

pugly pixel

I’ve been admiring Pugly Pixel for some time now.

It’s a gorgeous blog by a lady who is a ‘graphics, web, and tech enthusiast with an eye for pretty things’. This lady is also extremely generous and creative. She has a swag of freebies available for download that can pretty up any blog, from photo borders and cute graphics to photoshop brushes and clip art. Check out the freebies! Plus there are loads of other beautiful tools and embellishments via the marketplace or membership.

I’ve used the tape strips clip art on my blog. They come in all sorts of colours.

Thank you PuglyPixel!

bridal bouquet inspiration

Bridal bouquet

It’s funny, although I am having a beach wedding there’s a part of me that would love to have a rustic country wedding.

I think this quaint bouquet is just gorgeous. I love lavender. When my fiance killed our English lavender bush whilst I was at work one day, I almost cried! “What? It looked ugly,” he said in defence!

If (in another life time) I had a bouquet like this, I would dry out the lavender and roses and make a special pot pourri and store it in a vintage pot pourri dish or a cute glass decanter.

long exposure inspiration

Commuters copyright Matthew Hal

Commuters copyright Matthew Hall

No flash was used, it is a 30s. pose at ISO 100 at the minimum aperture of F16 with the polarized filter on to take some light out .

Wow is all I can say.