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The Toodyay Bush Fires

The recent Toodyay fires are the worst bushfires that Western Australia has seen in nearly 50 years, with more than 40 homes destroyed.

And it’s not the first time this humble wheatbelt town has been rocked by fire devastation. In 1993 a fire ripped through the District High School, leaving not much else but an ash-ridden skeleton.

I was living in Toodyay at the time of this fire, just 12 years old.

Some say they would jump for joy if their school burnt down, but the reality was, a part of your world had crumbled and there was nothing you could do to bring it back.

The local music teacher wrote a range of songs for the school choir to sing and record, and one in particular sticks in my mind… the chorus being:

Clouds move over a broken-hearted town

As we look over our burnt-out school ground

A school has fallen, on that Sunday morning

But our spirit will not be broken. No, our spirit will not be broken

I can’t even begin to imagine what the recent fire victims must be going through. I’m glad to hear that the State’s local businesses and individuals have helped raise almost half a million dollars and that this will go towards long term support for the town. I pray that the town’s strong and positive spirit will see them through the dark cloud – once again.