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model photo shoot

I enrolled into a little photography course to help get my inspiration bubbling away again.

I think it did the trick 🙂

Last night we got to photograph some models against a stunning Fremantle sunset. It was a great experience (albeit a little rushed).

Photo shoot Fremantle

Photo shoot Fremantle

Photo shoot Fremantle

Even with all the equipment, I'm still a sucker for a nice sunset silhouette

So what was the most important out take from the course? Well, I suppose I have a few to mention:

1. The camera only sees grey. Use a grey card to determine correct exposure.

2. The background is your first consideration. Get this right and use intervention (lighting, mirrors, umbrellas, fill-flash) to correctly capture your subject and get the perfect photographic harmony.

3. Always shoot in RAW (well, if the photo is important to you that is).

4. Never shoot a horizon through the upper half of a subject (model).

5. Photography is like cooking toast. If you usually cook your toast in 2 mins at 200 degrees, but you wish to have it ready in 1 minute instead, then you need to cook it at 4oo degrees.

Most of all, I left inspired thinking about image creation and how powerful/easy/accessible/creative it is in this day and age. You really can create that image that you have in your head if you devote the time to the camera and most importantly, the creative tools.


sky high love

I love these photos from a wedding shoot by Emma Sharkey.

Sky high love

Sky high love

Blue sky, fluffy clouds, showtime atmosphere, colour, love and freakin’ chair swings! Sublime…

the small picture

Beauty can be found in the small things. Things that we take for granted, or more often, things that we simply don’t stop to notice. With my life being a rat race of late and the final weeks of the year quickly slipping through my fingers, I took some time to reflect back on my catalogue of photos from 2010.

In doing so, it made me remember that there was a time when I enjoyed life at a slower pace. Where I admired the world around me in slow, sweeping steps and I took the time to photograph the little things.

Here are some photographs that I took at some stage this year and have since edited.

I’ve always believed that simple is truly beautiful. But now it rings true more than ever…

yellow daisy

Brown bug

Patterns on the sidewalk

Flame tree

White ibis


Creeper wall

Pine cone

Sea shells

Galahs on the wire

simple yet effective!

My wow photo for the day…

Dancing fairlights, by Sloan Photographers

tilt-shift wedding photography

I wish I had a tilt-shift lens. It’s certainly near the top of the “wish list”!

A tilt-shift lens allows the photographer very exacting control over the depth-of-field in an image, much more than any regular lens could provide. Focus can be restricted to a single, narrow band, with everything else rapidly blurring away. This distorts the appearance and makes the eye think that distances are a lot smaller than they typically are. When applied to a large scene like a city or a museum, everything appears miniature.

I hope that our wedding photographers will have one. Surely between the two of them they will (fingers crossed!) Ah, yes of course you can fake it in Photoshop, but I much prefer the real deal.

Here are some cool tilt-shift wedding photos that I’ve seen…

Tilt-shift wedding photography by Jonathan WherrettSo simple yet stunning

Tilt-shift wedding photography by Sayher HeffernanGorgeous colours. Sayher Heffernan takes beautiful photographs.

Tilt-shift wedding photography by Jonas PetersonUnique location!

Tilt-shift photography by Carl ZochI’m loving Carl Zoch’s photography. Very creative and lots of tilt-shift action!

Tilt-shift photography by Carl Zoch

Tilt-shift photography by Carl Zoch

I love the feeling of movement that the lens achieves in the two images above.

Tilt-shift photography by Jonas Peterson

Amazing capture!

sun, sand and surf

Today was a warm welcome to the blissful summer days that lie ahead. 30 degrees and a blue, cloudless sky.

Perfect day to take the pups to the beach for a good run!

We weren’t sure how George would behave, being his first time with us at the beach and all. But turns out he was so good – and boy, does he love the water!

The way he gallops through the water had us in stitches. He’s not afraid of a bit of surf 🙂

BeachI'm ready for action!BeachPlay palsHutchGeorgeGeorgeHutchWavesPaw prints

pine tree park

I took my four legged friend to our favourite, old park the other day. I wonder if he remembers it at all.

What I love most about the park is the tall pine trees. There’s several in a line that form a pine tree corridor and I love walking through it. Makes me feel like I could be somewhere else, like New Zealand or Canada, minus the cold temp. The textured patterns on the tree trunks are amazing!

Here’s some pics.

I wish we still lived nearby.
Pretty park

Pretty park

Pretty park

Pretty park

Pretty park

Pretty park

it’s show time!

I went to the annual Perth Royal Show on the weekend.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been and all that’s really changed is the price hike in entrance fee, rides, showbags, food… everything-you-can-think-of really. Oh, and no free ice cream samples! That was a show tradition!

Never mind, it was a fantastic, buzzing atmosphere and I felt like a little kid for a few hours!

Sky rideRollercoasterChildish funTouching the sunFerris wheelColour and wheelsLucky dipChair rideToken Clowns

wedding photographer mission complete!

Hooray!I am wrapped to say that I have found our wedding photographer(s).

I was getting a bit worried to be honest. After a bit of searching I just wasn’t sure that I’d find someone who had the right creative flair and was located close to or within Thailand.

And it wasn’t until I actually did a search using the new Google Blog Search that I came across these guys.
(It’s amazing what you can find using the blog search rather than Google search!)

The business is called Eden Images, formed by two photographers who specialise in destination weddings – specifically Asia. Hooray! Their photos are breathtaking,  so I am very happy to have found them.

They’re also shooting a wedding on Koh Samui in March, so I’ll be super keen to see how those shots turn out.


favourite five for september

Where did the month go? It just went “zoom, zoom, zoom!”

It’s that time again where I reflect on the past month’s photo journey and select the five that I like the most. Here they are:


Cherry blossom love

Because the blossoms are beautiful and I love the colours of the flowers against the sun and sky

Seagulls and sky

I like the simplicity of silhouettes and purple sky


It's a memorable moment to see a stunning rainbow. I also like the tree in the composition

Black swans

When I look at this photo I'm taken back to the moment. So gentle and peaceful


I like that I can see the soft threads and the glow of the sunlight. Summer is on its way