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pet photography

I’m a big animal lover and really drawn to taking beautiful photographs of animals. (My photo a day heavily features one animal in particular – my labrador Hutch!)

I entered this photograph of him into a fun pet photo competition that is currently running on Facebook.


Vote for Hutchy!


I came across a blog that featured the best entries to another pet competition and thought I’d post them for some inspiration. The winning entry below is absolutely gorgeous! Such a neat idea.

Amongst the Teddy Bears

So precious!

And here are some of my other favourites…


Just chillin

Love the focus on the eye. The floorboards and the yellow curtain really tie it all together


An interesting and beautiful bond

Sleepy time

Adorable capture

Gotta love our four legged friends ūüôā


sweet things

21 September

Originally uploaded by o|ive

I’m trying to be a morning person these days. It’s yawnfully hard.
But I wholeheartedly appreciated the natural morning light that flooded my kitchen this morning as I made my lunch. Totally worth skipping the extra zzz’s.

Mmm I love sweet strawberries!

black swans

9 September

Originally uploaded by o|ive

This is a sight I don’t see every day.

The blurry things on the left are little birds – they were so fast and there were at least 20 of them fluttering about, not quite sure what they were doing as they weren’t skimming the water for food.

I wish I lived by the river…

cherry blossom love

I love, love, love them!

Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms

long exposure inspiration

Commuters copyright Matthew Hal

Commuters copyright Matthew Hall

No flash was used, it is a 30s. pose at ISO 100 at the minimum aperture of F16 with the polarized filter on to take some light out .

Wow is all I can say.

favourite five for august

Winter is officially over! *DRUM ROLL* I am thrilled. Not much of a winter person, spring suits me just fine, thank you.

I must say, winter is a great season to take photographs though. The overcast days provide interesting lighting and there’s beautiful clouds, rain and reflective puddles too. I am lucky to live in a part of the world that is treated to a good dose of winter sunshine, so I’m quite spoilt with the day-to-day variation on show.

I do love taking photographs of flowers though… so I’m happy spring has finally reared it’s colourful head.

Here are my favourite five photos for August, as part of my ‘Photo a Day’ project.

Rain drops

Rain drops

Strorm brewing

There's a storm brewing

Grass rays

Blades of grass catching the day's last rays

Abandoned power station

Abandoned power station at sunset


Sun spots form a love heart for me

wedding photography love

Booking a wedding photographer is on my ‘to-do’ list… and well, I’ve been procrastinating.

There are a couple of photographers that I can use as part of the wedding package ‘deal’, however looking at their work, I’m not convinced that they are right for me.

My heart isn’t feeling it.

I’ve been collecting photos that do make my heart flutter however… here are some of them:

Wedding photography via Polka Dot Bride

Photography by David Henry

Wedding photography via Polka Dot Bride

Photography by David Henry

Wedding photography via Ruffled

Photography by Ryan Ray

Wedding photography via Ruffled

Photography by Wildflower Photos

Wedding photography via Inspired by This

Photography by Jonathon Ong

Wedding photography by Dror Eyal Photography

Photography by Dror Eyal Photography

Wedding photography by Samm Blake

Photography by Samm Blake

Wedding photography

Photography by Filip Welna (left), Samm Blake (right)

Wedding photography via Once Wed

Photography by Jonas Peterson

Wedding photography via Green Wedding Shoes

Photography by Angelica Glass

Wedding photography via 100 Layer Cake

Photography by Sarah Yates

I just need to do the research and find the magic mix of dream photographer + Thailand location (or at least close). Fingers crossed.

what do you see?

What we see depends mainly on what we look for.

– John Lubbock.

What do you see

Gorgeous sunset colours. Silhouette. Eucalypt Tree. 7 Birds.

doggy day out

There was some sunshine after the rain.
Here we have some general splashing about with partner and pooch.
Let's drive!

Sun sparkles

Cooling off

City views

Splashing around

My boys



there’s a storm brewing

I couldn’t help but notice the brewing storm clouds hovering ominously over the river today.

There’s something beautiful about the heaviness and dramatic moodiness of the clouds.

The rain caught me in the end, but like water off a duck’s back, I was happy to keep shooting.

Clouds passing over the Swan River

Storm clouds

City skyline

Skyscrapers and clouds

Grey day

City lights

Down comes the rain