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More beautiful beach wedding arches

I’ve decided on my beach wedding arch. It will be a bamboo canopy with soft, floaty chiffon curtains, aqua ribbon and little white flowers. I’m more of a simple girl so decided against the big floral arch, though they are very beautiful.

In my inspiration journey, I came across a swag of beautiful canopys that I thought I’d share. You can get really creative with colour and fabrics!

Ok so this isn't an arch, but it's adorable for a fun, relaxed wedding!

counting down the days

It’s been very quiet around here lately. I’m still alive just busy busy!

And I truly can’t believe how fast this year has gone! Only six weeks left until we set sail for wedded bliss!

I’m busy tying up a few loose ends, such as buying shoes for the groom and his men, a flower for my hair and the easiest part – logging on to our wedding planner’s website to pick all the flowers, entertainment and confirm seating arrangements!

All the fun stuff šŸ™‚

Oh, and I thought I’d share a fabulous web tool for saving all those inspiring photos that you see floating about the Internet. It’s called Pinterest. You can ‘pin’ any photo on the web and catalogue it to create something like this…


This is my Wedding Inspiration board so far. What I like about it is a) it’s fast and b) there’s lots of people using it already which means you can ‘repin’ other people’s interesting photos too and c) it allows users to comment on photos and interact. I was using Image Spark but I prefer Pinterest as it’s faster and more user friendly. Enjoy!

wedding dresses – the shortlist

I have hunted high and low through this sleepy city for my dream dress, and I have to say that it feels like I have been to every bridal store in Perth (gotta be close to it šŸ˜› )

Out of all of them, I liked Tuscany Bridal’s large and diverse range. They stock the largest range of Pronovias dresses in Perth which was right up my alley as the slim yet figure-hugging Spanish designs are quite to my liking.

I also enjoyed Bride Selection (sister store to Dion for Brides, who in my experience had more A-line and princess dresses). As you can see, I’m after a slim dress (don’t want melt under the Thailand sun and pretty sure Mister wouldn’t be too pleased exchanging vows with a puddle of sweat). Bride Selection have quite a few beach-style dresses by Maggie Sottero (love her designs to bits). Samantha Wynne really impressed me with their service – they fit only one bride at a time (and gorgeous gowns to boot!)Ā  – can make scheduling a booking a little tricky in peak times though.

Legends in Joondalup and the Gown Gallery in Midland deserve special mention for their extensive range and affordable prices, however I didn’t find anything to my taste.

Poor form awards go to Zanzis (rejecting customers based on base-line budget: how about at least trying to make me fall in love with a piece first), Brides by Design (leaving me to attend to another customer mid-way through my fitting does not entice me to actually buy a gown from you) and Hob Nob (if a sales lady is free and clearly doing nothing at the front counter, then she should help a returning customer quickly try on a gown again, rather than turn her away)… /rant!

So here is the shortlist:

wedding dress shortlist
1. Pronovias – Francoli (Tuscany Bridal);
2. Maggie Sottero – Geneva (Bride Selection);
3. Elizabeth de Varga – Alana (Spurling);
4. San Patrick – Eboli (Mon Belle);
5. Pronovias – Reims (Samantha Wynne)

simple yet effective!

My wow photo for the day…

Dancing fairlights, by Sloan Photographers

tilt-shift wedding photography

I wish I had a tilt-shift lens. It’s certainly near the top of the “wish list”!

A tilt-shift lens allows the photographer very exacting control over the depth-of-field in an image, much more than any regular lens could provide. Focus can be restricted to a single, narrow band, with everything else rapidly blurring away. This distorts the appearance and makes the eye think that distances are a lot smaller than they typically are. When applied to a large scene like a city or a museum, everything appears miniature.

I hope that our wedding photographers will have one. Surely between the two of them they will (fingers crossed!) Ah, yes of course you can fake it in Photoshop, but I much prefer the real deal.

Here are some cool tilt-shift wedding photos that I’ve seen…

Tilt-shift wedding photography by Jonathan WherrettSo simple yet stunning

Tilt-shift wedding photography by Sayher HeffernanGorgeous colours. Sayher Heffernan takes beautiful photographs.

Tilt-shift wedding photography by Jonas PetersonUnique location!

Tilt-shift photography by Carl ZochI’m loving Carl Zoch’s photography. Very creative and lots of tilt-shift action!

Tilt-shift photography by Carl Zoch

Tilt-shift photography by Carl Zoch

I love the feeling of movement that the lens achieves in the two images above.

Tilt-shift photography by Jonas Peterson

Amazing capture!

bridal bouquet inspiration

Bridal bouquet

It’s funny, although I am having a beach wedding there’s a part of me that would love to have a rustic country wedding.

I think this quaint bouquet is just gorgeous. I love lavender. When my fiance killed our English lavender bush whilst I was at work one day, I almost cried! “What? It looked ugly,” he said in defence!

If (in another life time) I had a bouquet like this, I would dry out the lavender and roses and make a special pot pourri and store it in a vintage pot pourri dish or a cute glass decanter.

unique inviteĀ ideas

In my web travels, I’ve come across some cool invite and save the date ideas.

For our wedding save the dates, I created a design and printed it to printable magnet sheets (I should upload a pic shouldn’t I). I found the magnet sheets at Dick Smith Electronics, but you should be able to pick it up elsewhere.

I liked the idea of a magnet because you can just slap it on your fridge and know exactly where it is (and be reminded every time you open the darn thing :P)

Some other cool ideas that I’ve seen…

Balloon save the date via Green Wedding Shoes

A bit of Save the Date fun

Balloon save the date via Green Wedding Shoes

Save the Date balloon (Don't pop it!)

Cocktail party invites via 100 Layer Cake

I love interactive invites. You could even use this as a Save the Date.

RSVP tracking via Project Wedding

Relieve the headache of RSVP tracking with an invisible ink pen!

How does this work, you ask?

Number your guest list and write the corresponding number on each guest’s RSVP card with the invisible ink pen.

Now you can easily identify those nameless RSVP cards! (let’s face it there’s always someone who forgets).

A great idea, especially for a large wedding. Can’t go wrong for a bargain price of $1.33! Available from DealExtreme.

night swing

Swinging lights via oh, hello friend
This is awesome.

I wonder if I’m allowed to brighten up the wooden swing that I spotted at our wedding venue. That would be sweeeeeeet!

wedding veils

I haven’t been dress shopping yet, but I have ideas. And lately I’ve been thinking about the type of veil I’d like to wear.

There was a time when I dismissed the thought of even wearing a veil. But I’ve changed my mind. I think it adds a special touch and it’s the only time I’ll be able to wear a veil, so I’m gonna rock it.

This is the style I’m daydreamin’ about. Short (but long enough to cover my lips), elegant and with a flower embellishment.

Flower veil by Jennifer Behr

Tule Veil by Sara Gabriel

Flower veil by DavieandChiyo

Flower veil by

1. Jennifer Behr 2. Sara Gabriel 3. DavieandChiyo 4.

Etsy is a treasure trove of beautiful veils too. There’s loads on there and you’ll find some of the shops will make to order.

a beach wedding invitation

Eeeeeep! I’m so excited that our wedding invitations are about to be printed!

They have been designed by the very talented (and super helpful + lovely) lady named Bree at Sanskripts. Her designs are very funky and unique!

Despite having my little heart set on letterpress invites, I decided that I couldn’t justify spending $600+ for a 1 colour job and $1000+ for 2 colours *sniff sniff*.Ā  The package I have through Bree is half the price and includes everything – invite, rsvp and wedding details card all packaged in a pocketfold – complete with matching thank you card and fantastic service! Her beautiful designs and paper made the decision to forgo letterpress fairly painless:)

This is the basic design that we have gone with.

Beach wedding invitation

I tell you what, I searched and searched and searched for the ideal beach wedding invite. I really liked the motif on this one because to me, it represents a pretty bunch of ocean spray. We’ve changed the colour of the motif to turquoise and made some tweaks to the font style andĀ  colour to suit our wedding. The pocketfold will be lavender to match the wedding palette.

I’d like to add my own personal touch to the invites by sealing the pocketfold with some pretty ribbon, adorned with a starfish charm perhaps. I actually handmade all of our engagement invitations and it meĀ  f.o.r.e.v.e.r! (but hey, I was determined and they turned out looking pretty professional so I’m told!) but this time I’m after something with much more impact.

In my hunt for some invitation specialists that are affordable (without compromising on real artistic flair), I found Love at First Invite to be pretty slick and you can also find some fabulous work showcased on Etsy – just search for wedding invitations.