frame it

With our walls in the house all beautiful and painted, I really would like to start to make our house more homely with some wall art.

I guess I’ve procrastinated on the matter simply because I want to get the arrangement right and there’s so many things you could do!

I quite like the ecletic (yet strategically organised) mish mash look. I’m thinking that the hallway could feature some of our travel photography and personal and purchased paintings and it would be nice to have some old family photographs in the lounge room. A few months ago I scanned a whole heap of old photos from mum’s album. There’s one of her and dad that I adore, it was taken around 1986.

Anyway, here are some ideas to ponder…

Picture frames

Picture frames

Picture frames


seeing double

We’re in the process of renovating our house. We’re doing it bit by bit. No rush, all in good time. I like to have a nosy on every now and then to get decorating ideas and one day, I stumbled upon a house that took my breath away!

It’s a beautiful character cottage in Maylands and what was amazing was how similar it is in layout to our house. It is circa 1910. Ours is circa 1930 (in a suburb that is much more than a stone’s throw away!)

House entrance hall
Our entrance hall is exactly like this – the leadlight around the door, skirtings, wooden floors (although our floors need sanding back and polishing). There is a bedroom that runs off the hall to the left too. We’ve painted it, but yet to re-install the window (in the 70s they decided to close it in!) and sand back the floors. I always wanted a chandelier in the hall like that too. It looks gorgeous. The colours they’ve used to paint the walls and skirting are practically identical to what we have used… very traditional.

House entrance hall

We have another bedroom off the hallway as above… and a similarly beautiful original ceiling rose too.

House entrance hallway

As we move into the living room, we have a slightly wider entrance than that pictured above. Ours looks a little grander as it is arched and contains lines of detail, similar to the skirting detail.

living room

It was really interesting to see the use of the living room space. We’ve been umming and ahhing over what we could do. Ours is slightly less generous in length and instead of the window we have french doors that lead to a small sunroom. This is part of the problem. The other part of the problem is that we have a ridiculous wooden/slate box that sits beneath and alongside the fireplace, taking up precious space. It’s a funny room in itself because even if we configured it as above, you still sit side on to the telly!

living room

We too had a door leading into the next bedroom from the hallway in our place. It was closed up thankfully!


Our house also has an extension to the rear of the house. Except, instead of the kitchen location as above, we have a dining area and the kitchen sits to the back. Where the pantry cupboard is pictured above, we have a small nook that leads to the sun room. It is has shelving and we only use it for storage really, but I could see it working as a pantry!

I was thrilled when I saw these photos. There’s been plenty of houses that have a similar entrance hallway but this one gives us even more ideas. Most of all, the photographs show me how stunning the house will look when it’s all done!

pugly pixel

pugly pixel

I’ve been admiring Pugly Pixel for some time now.

It’s a gorgeous blog by a lady who is a ‘graphics, web, and tech enthusiast with an eye for pretty things’. This lady is also extremely generous and creative. She has a swag of freebies available for download that can pretty up any blog, from photo borders and cute graphics to photoshop brushes and clip art. Check out the freebies! Plus there are loads of other beautiful tools and embellishments via the marketplace or membership.

I’ve used the tape strips clip art on my blog. They come in all sorts of colours.

Thank you PuglyPixel!

jacaranda trees

I love that my favourite tree is blooming all over the city.

I’ve been particularly lazy with my photography of late. If the Jacarandas had started blooming about 3 months ago, I’d have enough photographs of them that I could actually start wallpapering my loungeroom wall.

But alas, I have none.

I will hold myself to the thought that I will get a glorious photo of one before the season’s out though.

One of my dear friends bought me a tree for my birthday too. So sweet! I can’t wait for it to grow and blossom.

bridal bouquet inspiration

Bridal bouquet

It’s funny, although I am having a beach wedding there’s a part of me that would love to have a rustic country wedding.

I think this quaint bouquet is just gorgeous. I love lavender. When my fiance killed our English lavender bush whilst I was at work one day, I almost cried! “What? It looked ugly,” he said in defence!

If (in another life time) I had a bouquet like this, I would dry out the lavender and roses and make a special pot pourri and store it in a vintage pot pourri dish or a cute glass decanter.



Definition: a complex pattern of constantly changing colors and shapes.

This is my brain of late.

Oooo, dizzy.

So much thinking, deciding, creating and planning for the next few months. But it’s all good, so long as I don’t start going CUCKOO.

sun, sand and surf

Today was a warm welcome to the blissful summer days that lie ahead. 30 degrees and a blue, cloudless sky.

Perfect day to take the pups to the beach for a good run!

We weren’t sure how George would behave, being his first time with us at the beach and all. But turns out he was so good – and boy, does he love the water!

The way he gallops through the water had us in stitches. He’s not afraid of a bit of surf 🙂

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wedding dress shopping

Wedding dress shoppingI went wedding dress shopping for the first time today! Yikes, I was excited!

I was joined by my mum, mum-in-law-to-be, one of my bridesmaids and a dear friend.

After trying on 30 or so dresses, I found one that I really liked 🙂 What I’m going for is an ivory/champagne A-line dress that is either soft and flowing or figure hugging and silky (but not heavy). The one that I liked is soft and flowing and actually a dusty pink with champagne layers, so pretty. I just need to find that perfect silky number and I might be able to form a decision!

I think we’re nearing the end of the season so it sounds like there are new dresses on their way, which is pretty exciting.

Fun day! Can’t wait to do it all again in two weeks time…

pine tree park

I took my four legged friend to our favourite, old park the other day. I wonder if he remembers it at all.

What I love most about the park is the tall pine trees. There’s several in a line that form a pine tree corridor and I love walking through it. Makes me feel like I could be somewhere else, like New Zealand or Canada, minus the cold temp. The textured patterns on the tree trunks are amazing!

Here’s some pics.

I wish we still lived nearby.
Pretty park

Pretty park

Pretty park

Pretty park

Pretty park

Pretty park

it’s show time!

I went to the annual Perth Royal Show on the weekend.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been and all that’s really changed is the price hike in entrance fee, rides, showbags, food… everything-you-can-think-of really. Oh, and no free ice cream samples! That was a show tradition!

Never mind, it was a fantastic, buzzing atmosphere and I felt like a little kid for a few hours!

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