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vintage vogue covers

I hosted a ‘Roaring Twenties’ birthday party last year and in my search for decor ideas I stumbled upon the Vogue (UK) magazine cover archive. This is the bees knees! I felt like I’d hit the jackpot! Not only is the archive a fascinating glimpse into the fashion, art and voice of my favourite era, but the magazine covers made for beautiful arty posters that helped set the tone for the party.

I’ve actually still got my favourites in frames (I was able to blow them up to A3 size) and they look fantastic on the wall!  Here’s a little collage. I love the shapes and colours of the art deco inspired pieces. I start a painting class next week so they serve as artistic inspiration.

Vogue - November 1920

Vogue - July 1922

Vogue - November 1924

Vogue - October 1924

Vogue - January 1925Vogue - July 1926

Vogue - January 1926Vogue - March 1926

Vogue May 1926

Vogue January 1927

Vogue - September 1927Vogue - July 1928

Vogue - October 1928Vogue - July 1929

Vogue - December 1929Vogue - May 1929

Vogue - March 1929Vogue - November 1929

Can you pick a favourite?


The Uniform Project

The Uniform ProjectNow this puts a new spin on the little black dress.

I wholeheartedly admire this girl, Sheena, and everyone else involved in the Uniform Project. They managed to raise $103,325 in one year which will purchase school uniforms and contribute to education expenses for Indian children living in slums.

Not only is the generous fundraising amazing, the project itself is inspiring to say the least! For 365 days straight, Sheena wore the same black dress (aka uniform) but created a completely unique look every day using clever accessories and layers. So.freaken.funky.

What’s more, you will be able to hold a copy of the dress pattern in your hot little hands soon… Yay!

I came across a fellow Perth lady who is embarking on a daily op-shop outfit challenge with great results so far! Best of luck! 🙂