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wedding veils

I haven’t been dress shopping yet, but I have ideas. And lately I’ve been thinking about the type of veil I’d like to wear.

There was a time when I dismissed the thought of even wearing a veil. But I’ve changed my mind. I think it adds a special touch and it’s the only time I’ll be able to wear a veil, so I’m gonna rock it.

This is the style I’m daydreamin’ about. Short (but long enough to cover my lips), elegant and with a flower embellishment.

Flower veil by Jennifer Behr

Tule Veil by Sara Gabriel

Flower veil by DavieandChiyo

Flower veil by ban.do

1. Jennifer Behr 2. Sara Gabriel 3. DavieandChiyo 4. Ban.do

Etsy is a treasure trove of beautiful veils too. There’s loads on there and you’ll find some of the shops will make to order.