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wedding, wedding, wedding!

I’ve been a bit absent of late and this is because I’ve been preoccupied with another website – our wedding website.

I am feeling a great sense of relief now though, as it’s all complete and the wedding invitations have found their merry way to the hands of our guests. It’s lovely when you get a phone call or a message to say they’ve arrived and that others think they are beautiful 🙂 A snapshot is below.

Wedding invitation

Wedding website

There’s soooo many wedding website options out there, it gets a bit eckkk, confusing.

I signed up to a few of the free wedding websites available and after sifting through a number of them, I eventually tried out ewedding and onewed. I abandoned the ewedding site quite quickly as I found the design to be too bland and really lacking vibrance and modern fonts. Onewed was much better in terms of website design options, and what I found to be quite cool was the collaboration with invitiation designers. So if you purchased an invite from say Wedding Paper Divas, you could create a website that matched it visually. Cool.

I created a few pages, but before too long, I became frustrated in not being able to have full control over the content management system. If you’re not as anal as me, then you’d probably quite enjoy onewed as it’s a great site for overall wedding planning too with a swag of useful tools, including an online rsvp system.

In the pursuit of my perfect wedding website, I decided to take the idea of matching our invitations and website and use WordPress as the platform. I’m fairly comfortable with html and graphic design and it’s something that I actually really enjoy so this task was more pleasure than pain – albeit very time consuming though! I also liked the idea of using a blog so that people could leave comments to ask questions, or just say hi 🙂

The final result was a custom domain name and our own unique website for just $20. It took a bit of time to find a blog theme that could look more like a static website though, as the emphasis was going to be on pages rather than posts. In the end, I decided on the ‘Coraline’ theme and created one post to feature as the ‘homepage’ if you will. Just an image and some left and right text widgets, very simple. The pages (which are in the top navigation) do the rest of the talking.

Happy days!


unique invite ideas

In my web travels, I’ve come across some cool invite and save the date ideas.

For our wedding save the dates, I created a design and printed it to printable magnet sheets (I should upload a pic shouldn’t I). I found the magnet sheets at Dick Smith Electronics, but you should be able to pick it up elsewhere.

I liked the idea of a magnet because you can just slap it on your fridge and know exactly where it is (and be reminded every time you open the darn thing :P)

Some other cool ideas that I’ve seen…

Balloon save the date via Green Wedding Shoes

A bit of Save the Date fun

Balloon save the date via Green Wedding Shoes

Save the Date balloon (Don't pop it!)

Cocktail party invites via 100 Layer Cake

I love interactive invites. You could even use this as a Save the Date.

RSVP tracking via Project Wedding

Relieve the headache of RSVP tracking with an invisible ink pen!

How does this work, you ask?

Number your guest list and write the corresponding number on each guest’s RSVP card with the invisible ink pen.

Now you can easily identify those nameless RSVP cards! (let’s face it there’s always someone who forgets).

A great idea, especially for a large wedding. Can’t go wrong for a bargain price of $1.33! Available from DealExtreme.

wedding photography love

Booking a wedding photographer is on my ‘to-do’ list… and well, I’ve been procrastinating.

There are a couple of photographers that I can use as part of the wedding package ‘deal’, however looking at their work, I’m not convinced that they are right for me.

My heart isn’t feeling it.

I’ve been collecting photos that do make my heart flutter however… here are some of them:

Wedding photography via Polka Dot Bride

Photography by David Henry

Wedding photography via Polka Dot Bride

Photography by David Henry

Wedding photography via Ruffled

Photography by Ryan Ray

Wedding photography via Ruffled

Photography by Wildflower Photos

Wedding photography via Inspired by This

Photography by Jonathon Ong

Wedding photography by Dror Eyal Photography

Photography by Dror Eyal Photography

Wedding photography by Samm Blake

Photography by Samm Blake

Wedding photography

Photography by Filip Welna (left), Samm Blake (right)

Wedding photography via Once Wed

Photography by Jonas Peterson

Wedding photography via Green Wedding Shoes

Photography by Angelica Glass

Wedding photography via 100 Layer Cake

Photography by Sarah Yates

I just need to do the research and find the magic mix of dream photographer + Thailand location (or at least close). Fingers crossed.

wedding veils

I haven’t been dress shopping yet, but I have ideas. And lately I’ve been thinking about the type of veil I’d like to wear.

There was a time when I dismissed the thought of even wearing a veil. But I’ve changed my mind. I think it adds a special touch and it’s the only time I’ll be able to wear a veil, so I’m gonna rock it.

This is the style I’m daydreamin’ about. Short (but long enough to cover my lips), elegant and with a flower embellishment.

Flower veil by Jennifer Behr

Tule Veil by Sara Gabriel

Flower veil by DavieandChiyo

Flower veil by ban.do

1. Jennifer Behr 2. Sara Gabriel 3. DavieandChiyo 4. Ban.do

Etsy is a treasure trove of beautiful veils too. There’s loads on there and you’ll find some of the shops will make to order.

a beach wedding invitation

Eeeeeep! I’m so excited that our wedding invitations are about to be printed!

They have been designed by the very talented (and super helpful + lovely) lady named Bree at Sanskripts. Her designs are very funky and unique!

Despite having my little heart set on letterpress invites, I decided that I couldn’t justify spending $600+ for a 1 colour job and $1000+ for 2 colours *sniff sniff*.  The package I have through Bree is half the price and includes everything – invite, rsvp and wedding details card all packaged in a pocketfold – complete with matching thank you card and fantastic service! Her beautiful designs and paper made the decision to forgo letterpress fairly painless:)

This is the basic design that we have gone with.

Beach wedding invitation

I tell you what, I searched and searched and searched for the ideal beach wedding invite. I really liked the motif on this one because to me, it represents a pretty bunch of ocean spray. We’ve changed the colour of the motif to turquoise and made some tweaks to the font style and  colour to suit our wedding. The pocketfold will be lavender to match the wedding palette.

I’d like to add my own personal touch to the invites by sealing the pocketfold with some pretty ribbon, adorned with a starfish charm perhaps. I actually handmade all of our engagement invitations and it me  f.o.r.e.v.e.r! (but hey, I was determined and they turned out looking pretty professional so I’m told!) but this time I’m after something with much more impact.

In my hunt for some invitation specialists that are affordable (without compromising on real artistic flair), I found Love at First Invite to be pretty slick and you can also find some fabulous work showcased on Etsy – just search for wedding invitations.

Wedding Colours

I thought I had my colour combo clear in my mind.
Aqua – White – Yellow.

But then I saw this and it became clear as mud!

Wedding colour palette inspiration via Coco Kelley BlogspotAqua is definitely on the colour list but now that I’ve seen it teamed so well with emerald and a splash of purple and white, I’m having second thoughts on my original (and let’s face it, cliche) beach wedding palette.

I can picture the emerald green really coming alive on our tropical island through clever use of lush, green palm leaves and you can imagine the amazing contrast against white and purple flowers and the turquoise sea…

So to help make it clearer in my mind I put together my own inspiration board.

I like the way the colours give great depth and interest to the overall theme… striking yet playful. *sigh* I wish I could afford those gorgeous earrings!

Aqua, Emerald, Purple Wedding Inspiration Board

Left-right. Dress by Johanna Johnson. Veil headpiece via Green Wedding Shoes. Earrings from Amazon.com. Drinks flags and Ring topiary via Martha Stewart Weddings. Floral arch via Weddings in Thailand. Table setting via Karen Wise. Chair flower via Weddings in Thailand. Purple aisle via Coco Kelley. Love parasol via Pearl Events. Wedding arch via Dreamstime. Aqua dress via Forever Unique. Bouquet via Weddings in Thailand.

Blushing Bride

… is what springs to mind when I look at this image. Ever so soft, romantic and feminine. A fairytale.

Fairytale romance wedding via Style Me Pretty
Those ruffled chair slips are simply gorgeous and when teamed oh-so elegantly with the chandelier, floating votives, glassware and pink florals I’m sure the scene made the bride’s heart flutter.

Read more and see more here.